Features? We Don't Mean To Brag...

  • Easy to setup with a secure back end
  • View dozens of reports to optimize your business
  • Reporting has charts and graphs to make your sales and employee data easy to understand
  • Access reporting from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Full features for menu setup, modifiers, inventory and tab management
  • Works with QuickBooks Online
  • Use your existing hardware or buy new from us
  • Runs on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and anything else with a web browser
  • Route printing to kitchens or service printers for faster customer orders
  • Learn your customer's habits, sell more, and make them happier
  • Complete inventory control including multi-item receipes
  • Get great rates on credit card processing with our processor or use your own
  • Get a merchant account quickly and easily, even for new businesses
  • Use gift cards to build business loyality
  • Designed for single or multi-location setup

Table Side Ordering, Text Checks And More…

Full featured mobile optimized options that save time and money.

Quickly send customers a copy of their check with just one click. They can pay with their smartphones without installing any apps.

Feature Exclusive

How does anyWarePOS integrate with smartphones?

There are many ways that anyWarePOS uses smartphones. Text message a check to customer that they pay on their phone and mobile optimized versions of our pos and admin software. We truly do run on anything.

  • Customers can receive a copy of their check on their own device*
  • Customer can securely pay their check quickly and easily
  • Send customers a copy of the beer or food menu to browse on their own device*
  • Use a mobile optimized version of our Admin website to view reports from anywhere.
  • Order at the table with a mobile optimized version of the pos they already use on larger devices.

Runs Anywhere. Zero Installation.

Use any browser or tablet, no special equipment required

Traditional point of sale systems have loads of wires, local servers and bulky components. Run securely from the cloud with any device. Even close out tabs offline if you lose Internet.

Run anyWhere

Start using anyWarePOS right now on this browser, a tablet or mobile device.

Add As You Grow

Easily subscribe to add on more stations/locations, printers and readers available from our online store.

No Assembly Required

All software and data is in the cloud. No installations, data-loss worries or installation issues.

Support When You Need It

Our prompt email answer support and optional phone support is waiting to help you.

We are a subscription point of sale service that runs on any device with a web browser including desktop computers, iPads and tablets.

And That's Not Even Close To The End

With hundreds more industry standards you'd totally expect.

Main Features
FREE One Station License
No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
Upfront Pricing on Upgraded Plans
*Designed By Restaurant Owners
Securely Store All Data In The Cloud
Use Any Internet even Cellular
Use Any Hardware
Works with iOS, Android and Windows
No Installation or Local Server
Text Message Integration¹
*Go Paperless With Text Messages¹
Full Inventory Control
Takes Minutes To Setup
Mobile Phones
*GREEN Option With No Printers¹
Text Customer Check¹
*Customer Can Pay By Text¹
*Text Food Menu¹
*Text Daily Specials¹
*Text Beer Menu¹
Reports From A Mobile
Mobile Optimized Admin
Mobile Optimized Point of Sale
Order Entry Features
Quick and Easy Order Entry
Fast Tab Creation
*Peek At Checks From Tabs Screen
Printer Routing To Kitchen Or Service
Easy Server Tab Transfers
Forced, Custom or Preset Modifiers
*Two Sided Buttons For Speed
Easlily Split Tabs
Easily Discount Checks or Items
Simple Voids For Checks or items
*Draught Taps View
*Customer Bar View With Avatars
Auto Popular Category Based On Sales
*Universal Search
*Station Action Feed
*Start Order and Pay In 3 Clicks
Employee Control
Employee Time Card System
Payroll Reports
Easy Cash Drawer Login/Out
Servers Can Cash In Own Bank
Employee/VIP Discounting
Anti-Theft Control Through System
Customer Management
Track All Activity
Text Message Customers
*Easy Add Customers With Avatars
Encrypted Customer Info Storage
*Auto Suggest Favorite Items
*Add Customers Quickly
Customer Sales Reports
Customer Can Pay By Cell Phone
Manager Functions
Easy Dashboard With Graphs
Dozens Of Reports With Graphs
Multiple Tax Support
Auto Include Tax On Items
Room Setup With Table Layout
*Bar Seat Setup
*Tap Wall Setup
*Beer Setup Lookup For IBU, ABV
Credit Card Processing
Integrated Credit Processing
Store CC To PreAuthorize Tabs
Integrated Gift Cards
Use Your Own Processor
Negotiate Your Own Rates
* anyWarePOS Exclusive Feature        ¹  Not Available in Free Version
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