Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you tell me a little bit about the company?

The creators of anyWarePOS have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. They began by owning a bar and grill. After operating that business, they created and ran a point of sale software company previously with over 5,000 locations. Then sold in 2016 to create a modern point of sale software that runs on any computer with no installation, is affordable to hospitality owners, and is secure in the Cloud.

We may be the ONLY point of sale company made just for the hospitality industry by people from the hospitality industry.

Is this product good for retail or other non-bar or restaurant uses?

We designed anyWarePOS specifically for the hospitality industry. It is our belief that no product can be all things to all businesses. It is hard to control orders to a kitchen with the same software that can do gas pump purchases. We really pride ourselves on helping the bar, club and restaurant niche.

Is it really FREE?

Yes! We offer a coupon code to try one month free. Contact your sales person for a code. Enjoy!

How much does anyWarePOS cost?

anyWarePOS offers a 100% completely free 1 station license with a coupon code.

Upgraded versions of anyWarePOS are charged as a monthly or yearly subscription. You can start with our free plan and move up as your needs or business expand. We are designed to grow with your business. Don't pay for stations you do not need.

You can cancel anytime and will not be billed for any new subscription fees.

What makes anyWarePOS better than most point of sale?

Traditional point of sale solutions are based on a local server at your business location that is networked to your workstations. We use modern Cloud based technology that stores all of your data securely offsite and you can use nearly any web browser (like Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari) as your cash register.

If the computer running that web browser ever goes down or breaks, you can just use any other computer that can get online (even with cellular). This is the same web application technology used by companies like Facebook, Uber, Netflix and eBay.

Do I need an Internet connection?

Yes. Because we are cloud based, a connection to the Internet is required. You can use cellular data from a phone or tablet device, or get broadband from your Internet provider. Because anyWarePOS is optimized for speed, a cellular connection is all that is necessary, but you may notice some speed improvements with a broadband connection. Wi-Fi or wired both will work fine depending on your location.

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